Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of signing up and how long does it take?

Setup times are generally 24 - 48 hours. You can fill out the form online or simpy call our office any day of the week from 9am to midnight. Once we process the order, we will send out a technician to do a full home install unless otherwise arranged by the customer. We will call prior to the setup in order to coordinate with the customer.

Are there hidden fees, Setup fees, or Contracts?

We bill Month-to-Month so there is no risk in trying our service. We believe in full transparency. Our customers can expect their current prices to remain steady, as we have not changed our pricing in over 3 years. Setup fees are waved in selected promotional plans.

How reliable is your service?

We use the same physical lines that Bell and Rogers use. You can expect excellent customer service and the same reliability that you are used to with the larger companies. We take great pride in our customer service and ability to handle each customer with care.

What do I need for equipment and what is the cost?

We provide everything you need for connectivity. Fiberlinx uses the latest technology to ensure whole home wifi coverage and reliability. Every new activation requires 1 Modem and a TV box for every tv. You can rent these devices or to avoid rental fees, you can simply put down a completely refundable security deposit. Call us to find out which plan is best suited for you.

Where can I find reviews about your company?

We have recently launched our social media network. Please visit our Facebook page for customer reviews. (Facebook Fiberlinx Communications)

Are your plans unlimited and what channels come with my package?

All our plans are unlimited so you do not have to worry about usage or exceeding your limit. Our most popular plan is the 75M Fully-Loaded, which comes with over 100 news, sports and movie channels. See the following page for complete details: (

Where are you located?

We are a small independent provider located across the Toronto (GTA). We serve as an alternative to Bell, Rogers, and other similar ISPs. We only employ local staff and are highly involved in our local communities. An example of this, is our partnership with The Super Sophia Project in Durham. Supporting Fiberlinx means you are supporting your community and the people within it. We cover most of the areas around the Toronto (GTA) although we primarily focus on the Durham region. Our staff can service customers from Hamilton to Bowmanville and up to Barrie/Orillia. For more areas, simply visit the Service Area(s) section located at the top of our page. Due to our extensive referral programs, we often take exception to customers outside our serving areas.

I read about being able to get free service. How does that work?

Our referral program is unmatched by our competitors. Other ISPs have a habit of raising your bill over time and forcing you to continuously negotiate new pricing. Fiberlinx takes a different approach by finding creative ways to lowering your bill over the long run. Word of mouth is extremely important to us so we adopted an amazing referral program. For every customer you refer to us, you will get a $10 credit on your bill for each month that the customer is active. For example: If your bill was $80/month, and you referred 8 people, you would get free service as long as those 8 customers remain with us. Start referring and start saving today.